Cultural activities

Cultural activities

Court of the shots

Court of the shots: place of memory relating the tragic events of July 1944 to the Chapel in Vercors

Museum and Resistance Memorial

Museum and Resistance Memorial at Vassieux

Nature Vercors

Visit nature Vercors, an association of 4 nature sites in St Nazaire in Royans: Grotte de Thais, Royans-Vercors wheeled boat, garden of petrifying fountains, cave of Choranche


Cave of the shine

Cave of the shine in St Agnan en Vercors

Museum of Prehistory

Come explore an archaeological site with the Museum of Prehistory in Vassieux en Vercors

The circus of Combe Laval

The circus of Combe Laval with its road hanging on the cliff.

The gorge of Bourne

Gorges du bourne classified 3 stars Michelin guide.