The hikes

Located on the “Grande Traversé du Vercors”, you can head off straight away from the campsite, on signposted paths leading you through magnificent landscapes. The Vercors offers short or long hiking trails with different levels of difficulty making it accessible to all, even young children. Here is an overview of some of the trails around the campsite that you can take either on foot, by mountain bike or on donkeys.

Le Belvédère de Révoulat

Belvédère de Révoulat (departure 5 minutes from the campsite)

Le Grand Veymont

Grand Veymont (departure at 15 min)

Les Hauts Plateaux

Les Hauts Plateaux (Departure at 5 minutes)

La montagne de Beure

La montagne de Beure (Departure at 15 minutes)

La plaine d’Herbouilly

La plaine d’Herbouilly (Departure at 5 minutes)

Plateau de font d’Urle

Plateau de font d’Urle (Departure at 5 minutes)

Col du Rousset

Col du Rousset (Departure at 15 minutes)